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Grupo ACA - 24h Urgent Plumber in Barcelona of Guaranteed Quality

Emergency Plumbing 24 hours a day in Barcelona. We carry out any repair of showers, faucets, pipes, bidet, toilets, etc. during the day.

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Fast work

Fast and efficient service, authorized installers with all approved cards


Approved and experienced technicians. We issue certifications with full guarantee

Economic Price

Budgets without commitment and economic prices. Transparency, no hidden charges and various payment methods

Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee established by the manufacturers in the materials, and in labor, what is marked in the regulations

24 hour plumbing

Emergency plumbers 24 hours a day in Barcelona.

Professional plumbing services, fast and economical

We solve all kinds of domestic unblocks: sinks, pipes, drains, downspouts, etc.

Water - Heating - Gas - Unblocking - Humidity - Breaks - Leaks - Descents - Ascending - Taps - Sanitary - Kitchens - Boilers - Heaters.


*Since 1989 offering quality services

We offer a wide variety of quality services and guarantee that we are your best option for the maintenance and repair services you need.

Frequent questions

We are Authorized and Homologated Technical Installers, we perform emergency and emergency services 24 hours in Barcelona

What type of installer do I need?

For your safety and for your peace of mind we always recommend contacting Authorized Installers with the corresponding licenses in order

How long does it take to get to my home after my call?

This time may vary depending on the service to be performed and the urgency. We have normal services to perform during the day and emergency services to be performed in less than 3 hours as well as night services

What kind of guarantee do you offer?

In the materials the guarantee established by the manufacturers is offered. In our workforce what is marked in the regulations depending on the type of installation, be it electricity, gas, water, glassware

What payment methods do we have?

Cash payment, bank transfer and card

Do we offer quotes?

We can offer you a verbal budget during your call, as long as possible. We also have the commercial group to go to your home and to assess the work to be done

Do they work on weekends and/or holidays?

Yes, our company has telephone service and mobile units 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What billing system do you use?

We can perform the work, either by being billed for administration hours or under a closed budget, always thinking about the best option for our clients

Do they only serve companies?

No, our company serves both individuals and businesses and communities of owners

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Call to 93 444 20 20

Also if you wish, you can send us a request through the urgent care form, clearly indicating your contact phone number. Or by sending a Whatsapps to 6666 2 6666